Policy of privacy of HumoldtHosting

When we need to obtain data on the other hand, we will always solicit to him that it voluntarily provides it to us of express form. The data successfully obtained through the forms of collection of data of the website or other routes, will be incorporated to a file of personal character data properly enrolled in the Publication and document record department of Protection of Data of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, of which it is responsible NEXTGENWEBS, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (in future: VALENHOST). This organization will deal with the data confidential form and exclusively in order to offer the asked for services, with all the legal guarantees and of security that Statutory law 15/1999 imposes, of 13 of December, Protection of Personal Real Decreto, Character data 1720/2007, of 21 of December and Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Commerce.

VALENHOST will not yield nor will share the data with third parties without their express consent.

Also, VALENHOST, will cancel or rectify the data when they are inexact, incomplete or have stopped being necessary or pertinent for their purpose, in accordance with the anticipated thing in Statutory law 15/1999, of 13 of December, Protection of Personal Character data.

The user will be able to revoke the given consent and to this end exert the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition going to the following address: NEXTGENWEBS, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, situated in POL. IND. SOURCE OF the JUG, GERARDO SALVADOR PLACE, Nº1, OF. 17-19 €“ 46988 PATERNAL €“ VALENCIA (SPAIN) identifying themselves properly and indicating of form expresses the concrete one straight that is wanted to exert.

VALENHOST adopts the corresponding levels of security required by mentioned 15/1999 Statutory law and other applicable norm. However, it cannot guarantee the absolute invulnerability of the systems, therefore, it does not assume any responsibility by the damages derived from alterations that third parties can cause in the computer science systems, electronic documents or files of the user.

If it chooses to leave our website through connections to websites nonpertaining to our organization, VALENHOST will not become person in charge of the policies of privacy of these websites nor of the cookies that these can store in the computer of the user.

Our policy with respect to the e-mail concentrates in only sending communications that you have solicitd to receive.

If it prefers not to receive these messages by email electronic we will offer through the same the possibility to him of exerting its right of cancellation and resigns to the reception of these messages, in compliance with the arranged thing in Title III, article 22 of Law 34/2002, Services to the Society of the Information and of Electronic Commerce.

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